RAFFLESIA Duplex Pool Suite

RAFFLESIA Duplex Pool Suite is a double storey Suite fronting its own pool.

It consists of One Air-conditioned Bedroom, One Naturally Ventilated Bedroom & One naturally ventilated Family Room on the Upper Floor. The Air-conditioned bedroom has one King-sized Canopy Bed and the naturally ventilated bedroom has One King-sized Canopy Bed and One Single Bed. The Family Room has Two Single Beds.

The Ground Floor has an Air-Conditioned Living Hall, a Semi-Outdoor Dining Room, an Outdoor Terrace and a Private Infinity Pool that adjoins the Main Pool.

RAFFLESIA Duplex Pool Suite has Two Bathrooms with Vanity, WC and Hot Shower.

RAFFLESIA Duplex Pool Suite accommodates up to Seven (7) Adults.

Note: RAFFLESIA Duplex interconnects Dahlia Duplex, which allow a total capacity of Eleven (11) Adults.


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